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Ejection Seat Fantasy


The ejection seat of the B-58 Hustler is an example of a modern ejection capsule. However, the concept for the ejection seat goes back almost the beginning of manned airplanes. In 1910, the first assisted escape from an aircraft took place. The system in question used bungee cords. That’s about all that is known about it. Then, in 1916, Everard Calthrop patented an ejector seat using compressed air. Interestingly, that compressed air concept would last all the way through WW2.

I’m thinking those early ejection seats looked something like the photo above.

[Image Credit: Louisdelavilla]

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  • Had to follow up on this when I found it in a GIS…

    <img src=""&gt;

    An ejection seat believed to be from a B-52 that crashed in Maine in 1963; found in 2009! More research needed…

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