A Photographic Future


When Techie sent me this photo I knew it had to be used in my photography series. Unfortunately, I failed to find a logical (or slightly illogical) place to use it. So, it’s the lede for today’s post. Which is really just a rehash of some comments in yesterday’s post. It’s Friday; I’m a slacker; suck it up.

Photography has advanced dramatically over the last 170 years or so. Technology has made it possible for more and more people to get into and enjoy this hobby and some of those even turn pro. When you look at the state of photography today you might wonder what the future holds. I’m not sure. I hesitate to say nothing because we as humans always find a way to change and improve. Is it something like the Lytro or the technology behind it integrated into DSLRs? Is it a change to mirrorless systems or Micro 4/3? Is it going the other way and moving from basing our reference on 35 mm to basing it on 4″x5″ large format? Maybe it’s ditching the camera altogether and having implants put in our brains that turn us all into Sheldon Cooper.

No matter what the future holds, the mix of art and technology that is photography will continue to grip us.

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