Startup: Stop Motion Engine Rebuild

What started out as an engine rebuild turned into something else completely. After buying an engine off ebay, this guy had the foresight to take pictures of the engine as he disassembled it to make sure he could put it back together again. Then he realized it would also make for a great stop motion animation. 11 months later, he had a video to share. Be sure to watch all the way to the horrifying end. Video after the jump.


  • The parts left over means he did it right.

    • OA5599


      Did you notice the leftovers were on dry pavement? That means he forgot to fill the crankcase with oil.

      • That was pretty obvious when the engine was running with the valve cover off.

        • OA5599

          In a stop motion video such as this, it might not have actually been running. Snap a picture, rotate the crank a few degrees, repeat.

  • OA5599

    Does anyone have any experience with those Workmate workbenches? They always seemed a bit flimsy in the stores, and I figured if they were any good, they would be marketed as a DeWalt or Porter Cable brand. The video made it look adequate for holding irregularly-shaped parts, and it seemed to hold up to the degreasers and paint strippers, but the stop-motion nature of the film would hide any ricketyness.

    • I have 2. I love them. They are fairly solid and great for holding irregular shaped items or for locking flat items in place.

    • Mr_Biggles

      Someone gave me a cheap knock off one years ago. It has taken a lot of straightening and strengthening to make it sturdy and it no longer folds up. Other than that it is very useful in the workshop and around the house. Get the Black and Decker one.

    • CaptianNemo2001

      I would consider them junk. I'll take a solid oak table or stainless steel work bench instead.

      • Mr_Biggles

        I would take an oak table and/or stainless steel work bench too, no question. However both are a lot tougher to haul up to the third floor or out to the backyard. Different tool for different job.

  • Year, make and model of the car?

    • Rumor mill says it's a Spitfire MK4 with some 1500 bits. Or possibly a Spitfire 1500 with some MK4 bits.

      • Vairship

        Make that a Spitfire MK4 with some 1496 bits…

  • old hippie

    Mk3 or Mk4 Spitfire, I had one. The bumpers are pre 1500 series. The engine, as my son found out, could run on 3 cylinders when a connecting rod shattered and he had to drive it another 150 miles. It used several quarts of oil to get back, but it did.