Startup: Generation Gap

I grew up with the video game revolution, and the personal computer revolution. I’m not one of those cantankerous old farts who yells at the sun (much) and shuns new gizmos as a pox on our society. There are moments that give me pause. I’m not saying that modern distractions for kids are inherently evil just because they’re not the things I had; but, there is something unsettling about the notion that junior here is missing out of the total awesomeosity that is lego. Also, he won’t know until he’s much older just how cool dad is for still playing with them.

  • fodder650

    I think a great example of this is how some of us are starting to build Hot Wheels collections. My 12 year old son could care less. If its not on a screen then it doesn't interest him. Of course I'm also of the right age to have had an Atari growing up. What I am starting to really see is people dusting off these thirty year old consoles and recreating their childhood with them. Something we will see the thirty somethings of today do with the NES.

    • CaptianNemo2001

      My dad, for a few years, was struck with Hot Wheels Collecting fever. =/

      Skip the NES, as much as I love it, and pull out the N64 and Dreamcast.

      Or better still… LEGO, LEGO, and LEGO some more.

      • fodder650

        I still have my Dreamcast and my kids play it every time its plugged in. Like its a treat to use. Even though they have a Wii and Xbox360 as well something about the arcade game quality of the Dreamcast catches their attention.

        • CaptianNemo2001

          Yep. I play Gran Turismo.when ever I can.

    • jeepjeff

      NES is already a thing amongst 30-somethings. I expect it to get even worse (better?) over the next 15 years.

  • Without a description or back ground story on the picture it could be a little disheartening but let me give it a good old media spin.

    Junior and Dad are building a boat together, and also a few other vehicles that Junior spotted in his video game. He loved driving them/blowing them up so much that he asked Dad to put down the Penthouse and tumbler of Scotch and come play with him. So Dad dragged the Lego out and they went to work. Junior finding the vehicle, then pausing the game and they build it. Then Junior plays a little more, dad sips some more scotch and then they build a little more.

    At least that is how it plays out in my house every weekend. Minus the Penthouse of course 🙂

    Also, that Hull looks like it is for the 4030-1 Cargo Carrier released in 1987. Give me a little bit and I will ID the train engine sitting on it.

    • CaptianNemo2001

      Its a battery box connected to a cable connected to a motor… Came in several sets.

      • Right you are, in that color, 12 sets from '91 to '03