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“Spoilers, Sweetie!” Or: The Post Where We Discuss Doctor Who

The Tiger (Doctor Nine), the Tigger (Doctor Ten), and the Socially Awkward and Mentally Challenged House Cat Who Runs Headlong Into Furniture And Acts Like He Did It On Purpose (Doctor Eleven).

We’ve been dancing around the issue in multiple other posts, but through them all we’ve actually shied away from a real discussion. Here’s the long and the short of it; many of us here behind the scenes at AtomicToasters — myself notably and probably most enthusiastically included — are big fans of Doctor Who. I’m told the term for us is “Whovians”, which I reluctantly accept. But we’ve never actually set up a spot for us to discuss the series with others who happen to also be fans.

In this thread, it is very likely there will be Spoilers, Sweetie, so it’s probably best not to click past the break if you’re not actually caught up to the most recent episode of the series.

For myself, I have never been able to accept Doctor Eleven, and it’s probably my biggest stumbling block for the series as it sits right now. With the introduction of Oswin/Clara as the new Companion* for the upcoming series, I finally have hope that I can be convinced that Doctor Eleven can be redeemed. If not, well, it’s just time to replace him. And we’re working on that.

Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing but squealing adoration for Doctor Eleven. I don’t care if Matt Smith is made of puppies, he’s just not a very good Doctor. His acting is awkward and wooden, and his level of “caring” for his companions and Companions appears forced and reluctant. If I’m honest, it wasn’t until Asylum of the Daleks that I felt any level of attachment or affection for him at all.

And I’d like to say, for the record, good riddance to the Ponds. Even though Amy Pond was quite tasty, I couldn’t be rid of them fast enough. I was actually cheering for the Weeping Angels.

Unfortunately, most of the time when I express these sentiments, I am usually beset by screeching fangirls telling me that I’m wrong, and Matt Smith is dreamy, and he’s going to be her one true love, and she has pictures of him over her bed so that late at night she can… anyhow.

Okay, that’s enough to get you all started, I don’t want to steal all the talking points. Challenge me, tell me why I’m wrong, and I will tell you why you’re foolish for even thinking I could be wrong!

* I’m going with the convention of capital-C “Companion” for his one official Companion: Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy and soon Oswin. All the rest of the people who travel with him are small-C “companions”. Just for clarity.

[Image Credit: Ferrlm on DeviantArt]

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