Deconstructing Technology

Planetary Gears

Wait, this has nothing to do with the solar system. Hit the jump for a nifty video from the US Army on how planetary gears work. Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you can’t learn somethin’!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

[Image Credit: NASA]

  • You do realize that if this gets into the hands of the Russians its curtains for the free world.

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  • OA5599

    This film must have been made before 2006. Those gearsets are considerably smaller than Pluto, and that's the year astronomers decided it was too small to be a planet.

  • Nope, still baffled. And YerTubes doesn't seem to have "Part One".

  • texlenin

    This is what the Mach 5 "Omnigear" racing tranny has in it.