Startup: Wholesome, Yet Grossly Inappropriate

I cannot possibly imagine why this failed to catch on. One may note that Hasbro did not revive this particular product when they purchased Kenner in 1991.

  • jeepjeff

    So… Many… NSFW… Jokes…

    • Number_Six

      I just hope Mum and Dad cleaned the thing off every night…

      • fodder650

        The toy that never makes it to juniors room. This is some serious nightmare fuel for kids of that time. Not to mention some great income possibilities for chiropractors.

      • Deartháir

        I wonder if there are optional accessories for when they want to switch to reverse cowgirl…

        • skitter

          With the most disappointing useless instructions ever.

          "Are you turned on yet?"
          "We must be doing something wrong."

          • Number_Six

            How disturbingly sad is the pic of the wee girl riding the arm of the chair? Somebody get her a friend or a doll or something!

      • CaptianNemo2001

        The question is "Do they make other types of saddles for different riding styles?"