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One World or None

At a place called Atomic Toasters, we can’t help but be intrigued by the various propaganda films from the atomic age of the Cold War, both for and against this source of power and weaponry. This film, produced by the National Committee on Atomic Information in 1946 attempts to portray both the horrors of atomic war, and the multi-cultural nature of the discovery of the particles and principles that make up atomic theory. According to the Internet Archive, this film, “made only one year after the end of the Second World War, it is thought to be the first “atomic scare movie”, a genre which would flourish in the U.S. throughout the next decade.”


Image and film from the Internet Archive, via Public Domain Review.


  • CaptianNemo2001

    Die Deutschen bereits dich schlagen.
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    Siehe hier.
    Und hier.

    I got a copy of the original report that the map came in somewhere… Ahh. Here it is.
    Eugen Sänger; Irene Sänger-Bredt (August 1944) (PDF). A Rocket Drive For Long Range Bombers.

    It's strange how using The Professors sim that the above map is effectively still correct and almost the same…

  • The Professor

    You can also play with this nuke simulator and see what kind of destruction results from nuclear devices of various yields on the town or city of your choice. Play urban renewal!

  • The Professor

    If that isn't enough destruction for you, try out this asteroid impact simulator from Purdue University (Old P.U.) and go for global destruction. Terraforming!

  • CaptianNemo2001

    On the matter of simulators here is one for getting off earth (to avoid the asteroids) and potentially getting to the moon or someplace else.

    Kerbal Space Program is a new video game with a true to life physics engine. The game is still in alpha development, but the aspiring cosmonaut will find everything he/she needs for full Moon mission simulations! Everything from gravitational pull to the galactic disk splashed across the "sky" (sky becomes a limiting geocentric term in a universe with no discernible compass rose) has been taken into account. (From an article here:

    ACTUAL > Website:

    Thanks for the sim's Professor. Going to have some fun with them now. =)