Startup: Fire Suppression Air Force Syle

The Air Force doesn’t screw around. OK, well sure most of the time it’s all Top Gun moments and officers screaming “Maverick!”, but they don’t like it when their stuff catches fire. To make sure that doesn’t happen, fires in hangars are quickly extinguished with foam dispensed from vents in the ceiling. Sometimes, these systems have to be tested, and this is what it looks like: a nightclub party. Cleanup looks like it’s a party, too. Check out these good folks in Minnesota, revealing a fleet of Sikorsky UH-60 “Blackhawk” helicopters after a test of the fire suppression system.

  • SSurfer321

    I've seen these pictures before but as I recall the system was accidentally set off, thus making the mess. I don't know that I'd test a system like that with millions of dollars equipment in the hanger.

    • fodder650

      I forget what tripped the system but I had read it was accidentally set off as well. Good thing we didn't see the halon systems in server rooms go off to many times by accident.

      • SSurfer321

        I'm assuming you had Halon systems many years ago? They don't use those anymore, as I'm sure you're aware, because they suck the oxygen out of the room causing injury/death to inhabitants.

        • Bobby V

          Actually they still use a Halon type brand. One we install is called FM 200. There are several brands. They got rid of Halon because they said it hurt the ozone laye.

  • fodder650

    Yeah I remember their death about the same time I became a network administrator. It was a nice thing to see corporations fix something that would have killed employees.

  • Why not just start up all the helicopters and blow the foam out the door?

    • gearz1

      One tiny mistake and they call me "foamy" forever……

  • B72

    Looks like the bottom half of the equipment is well protected!

  • ansonchappell

    "The Air Force doesn’t screw around." Thus your Top Gun reference doesn't apply. The Fighter Weapons School is for the Navy.