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Air & Space Archives: Flying Boats Close-Out

Good afternoon, loyal Toasters readers! This morning we delve again into the Smithsonian Air & Space’s Fly Now! poster collection of un-exhibited works. As previously noted, this collection is quite large and I have tried to divide it into compelling and interesting categories for your perusal. The last few weeks we have been looking at posters showcasing flying boats from the early days of the airline industry. Take a gander at the close-out gallery of these flying yachts, and dream of a classier way to fly!

Quite possibly the largest publicly-held collection of its kind in the United States, the National Air and Space Museum’s posters focus primarily on advertising for aviation-related products and activities. Among other areas, the collection includes 19th-century ballooning exhibition posters, early 20th-century airplane exhibition and meet posters, and twentieth-century airline advertisements.

The posters in the collection represent printing technologies that include original lithography, silkscreen, photolithography, and computer-generated imagery. The collection is significant both for its aesthetic value and because it is a unique representation of the cultural, commercial and military history of aviation. The collection represents an intense interest in flight, both public and private, during a significant period of its technological and social development.

Images all from Fly Now!, cropped and lightly tweaked by yours truly.

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