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User Input: Geek Style

“See? I have a fashion sense too! And you’re much cuter than a stupid fez.”

If there is one world where we, as geeks, have a tendency to fall all over ourselves to excel at spectacular failure, it is in the realm of fashion. Now, granted, a small part of that comes from just not giving a crap about the rules, or what other people think. I am notorious for entertaining headwear and footwear. I have a kick-ass pair of Union Jack Doc Martens that I adore, and on which I get complimented enthusiastically each and every time I wear them out. My significant other hates them, even though she bought them for me. I have a bunch of Lululemon hoodies from back when they used to make the greatest goddamn hoodies on the planet, before they apparently decided to give up on straight men altogether. I get flak for them because “Lululemon is for girls!” when I wear them occasionally; again, don’t care. They’re awesome.

(Now, we’re leaving the many-times-failed AtomicToasters clothing out of this; let’s just say that some of the people involved in getting the project off the ground turned out to be completely unreliable, and I found the whole project dumped back into my lap with no clue on how to proceed. So we’re leaving those out of the picture for now, but hopefully by Christmas we’ll have something ready for you lot.)

Let’s face it, Geeks are Sexy, and can even be fashionable from time to time; what are the greatest pieces of awesome Geek Fashion that you rock regularly?

  • I have a black Team Glock polo shirt I wear most Fridays that it is warm enough. Does gun geek stuff count?
    <img src="; width="350/">
    I get more comments on that than anything I wear. Many people assume that I work for Glock, I don't but know a few people who do.

    I also have a 30th anniversary t-shirt from my school's Formula SAE team with an outline of each of the cars on back. I wore that for "Team Spirit" day at work.

    • PowerTryp

      Do you also sport the hip holster to go with shirt?

  • OA5599

    <img src=""&gt;

    It needs a fresh battery at the moment, but a binary wristwatch is pretty geeky.

    Mine is the version on the left, though apparently with a different silkscreen on the circuit board. Does it make me a geek or a fashonista that I noticed the difference?

  • The Professor

    Just boring old white lab coats. Sigh…

    • pj134

      Where Wear a white zoot suit one day and see if anyone notices.

      EDIT: Yes, I am retarded.

  • skitter

    My dress pants have cargo pockets. My fedora has a wide brim.
    Fashion and I have a very, very bad relationship.

  • jeepjeff

    <img src=""&gt;

    Otherwise, I buy all my clothes at REI and I like plaid flannel shirts. I have a tendency to accidentally grow large beards.

    I look like a Unix admin and/or redneck.

    • Deartháir
      • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        A tool every admin needs, but security won't allow here. Anyway geekiest thing of mine, I hand off most of everything to kids and wife, so there is a t-shirt I have with snippets of solaris uts source code, but maybe I should not be seen stuffed into it. I am wearing my Volvo Ambassador t-shirt today though, yes I'm hopeless. And Jeff, that was under my padded red flannel shirt, except here – the racks are making too much heat, it's over on the chair over there right now. I wish my wife would let me grow a beard, I used to in the winters before I met her. I do like getting to kiss her though…

      • jeepjeff

        Yep. Pretty much my hero. Someday, I hope to be that cool.

        That's an excellent LART he's got there in that picture.

  • Number_Six
  • OA5599

    Google's ad server target really missed our demographics today.

    <img src=""&gt;

    • Number_Six

      How so? I think most of us can appreciate some boobage here, even if this is as close as some of us get…

      • OA5599

        Deartháir needs to invite his Jezebel friends over here.

        • Deartháir

          I have. They're reading everything you say.

          • PowerTryp

            And they still don't like us.

  • Having a Handy-Talky HAM radio hanging off my belt while out birdwatching. That's one accessorized geek.

    <img src=""&gt;

  • I have been wearing superhero t shirts since before Sheldon Cooper made them cool.

  • texlenin

    Utilikilt workman in choclatey brown…

  • I have a ST:TNG communicator pin that I wear on my overcoat. I had some rank collar pips, but can't find them anymore…