Shutdown: Building the Biggest

Yamato 1941

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Japanese battleship Yamato under construction at the Kure Naval Base, Japan, September 20, 1941. The aircraft carrier Hosho is at the extreme right. The supply ship Mamiya is in the center distance.“[Wiki]

  • CaptianNemo2001

    I'll bet it cant make a swimming pool in my backyard if its parked along the coast like the Iowa will.

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    Actually I would never have known anything about the Yamato if it hadn't been for Star Blazers, and a grade school pal from Japan that got me watching it and explained the backstory. I just peeped the wiki entry; Jeez, eleven torpedoes and six bombs in four hours? And they were already on a one-way mission.

    • fodder650

      Have you watched the live action one yet from a couple years ago? Very depressing movie but it dos a good job with the storyline.

      • No, never heard of it. (Haven't had a TV for 5 years) Thanks for the tip!

        • fodder650

          [youtube iissssJnq4M youtube]

          Click the CC button and dig in. Its a long depressing movie but if you were a fan of the original it will take good care of you.

          • CaptianNemo2001

            um can't you just launch nuclear missiles at them and save on the costs of having so many expensive and massive ships?

          • CaptianNemo2001

            also you can build several massive "spaceships" but cant move people? why wait until the last second to shoot. just shoot the dam thing out of the sky a 1200 kms. idiots… cant seem to use a battleship very well. should have let the Americans use it or better still the Germans…

          • CaptianNemo2001

            also the sound vanishes after about the first hour…