Boys’ Life: Mitchell (Wok-a-Chik-a)

In high school I had a friend who was the hobby guy.  I imagine that most people have known a hobby guy–someone who has managed to start and semi-capably maintain a ridiculous number of hobbies.  Well, this guy was into sailing, VW vans, snowboarding, and RC airplanes.  Likely there were others as well that I am missing, but those are the ones that I remember.  As one with an interest in flying, I had always found RC airplanes to be an intriguing way to fly without flying at a young age, but handing around him I quickly discovered that it was no cheaper than taking actual flying lessons, neither of which I could afford.  Not without dumping all my available funds into that hobby, instead of into the sweet El Camino I was rolling around in.

In this ad from a 1960 Boys’ Life magazine, we see the BIG u-control B-25 model from Aurora.  I don’t know if the model was designed to be remotely operated, or with a tether, but I do know that it was powered by twin .060 Tornado engines.  And it was so aerodynamically perfect that it could fly on one engine!

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    3 words: hot merging action.