Boys’ Life: Fun in the Sun in ’61

When you think Harley, you undoubtedly think of their great line of scooters, like the Topper! Well, you are in luck today, as we have an ad from Boys’ Life magazine in late 1960 that highlights the ’61 models. Plus a bonus ad for the Topper specifically! There is the new Topper ‘H’ with its 50% increase in power–to 9 HP, and also mentioned is the lesser 5 HP ‘U’ model scooter, for those who aren’t up to handling everything that a 9 HP machine entails. So ‘get on the beam’, whatever that might mean, and take a look!

  • skitter

    I was doing some night riding last night, and I wound up stoplight dragging a guy on a cafe-looking moped for a few lights. (Next to a police car, for extra ridiculousness.) I destroyed him off the line, but he had me once I topped out around 26mph. To be fair, he had his girlfriend on the back, so as wonderful as night riding is, he lives in the better world.

    • You were on a bicycle, I hope? After I spent 4 years as a scooter messenger on Tomos mopeds (50 hours a week!) I never want to see or hear another moped for the rest of my life. Unfortunately SF seems to be the world capital of mopedism, and cafe'd examples abound. When I finally go off the deep end me and a can of Great Stuff are gonna modify the expansion chambers of all the 'peds in the Mission district.

  • How have I never heard of the Super 10?! So cute! I wonder if it's another Aermacchi, like the Sprint.

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    EDIT, Nope, it's apparently derived from plans for a DKW that the Allies looted as reparations for WWII, related to the BSA Bantam.
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  • "When you think Harley, you undoubtedly think of their great line of scooters, like the Topper!"

    Yes, but only in passing. Mostly I end up distracted by the AMF Roadmaster line of mopeds.

    • Mr_Biggles

      Ahh, the AMF years. I am generally distracted by the thought of how much I would love to have a Harley Davidson snowmobile, and by the fact that they actually sold boats briefly.
      <img src="; width="500">

      • If they were as leak prone as their two-wheeled bretheren, I'm not surprised they're lost to the sands of time.