Startup: The Slippery Slope of the Office Menace

Not satisfied with a simple pea-shooter, somebody had to go get all creative. Sure, it looks cool now, but what happens when ping pong balls aren’t enough? What happens when someone loads gold balls in there? Where does the madness stop? How long before we’re all slaves to to might of the terrifying Whiffle?

  • TurboBrick

    You can take a shot at my office with gold balls, just as long as you know I'm not returning them.

  • Yikes

    Why cant I log into IntenseDebate from my iPhone?

    There is no login option available!


    That's cool as Balls! Balls of any colour.

  • The Professor

    Hmmm, yes, gold balls would be quite flashy, but your range would be severely compromised using a single rubber band. Beef it up properly and you could make a real impact at the office.