AT Book Club

Rescuing Lost Titles

Undoubtedly many of us here have had the opportunity to read some obscure science fiction titles, since our love for the obsolete often extends to the pulpy side of the printed world and that low tech hanger-on that is the used book store. There are others out there that share that enjoyment for prior generations’ glimpses of the future, and one such group–Singularity & Co–has started an ambitious project to breathe new life into old titles.

We love books.  A lot. And we love sci-fi books, new and old.  But mostly old. 

And there are a lot of great old sci-fi books out there that are out of print, out of circulation, and, worst of all, not available in any sort of digital format.
Given the subject material, that’s just not right.
So here’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to open a bookshop, both online and and in real life, in Brooklyn, NY where we live and work.  It doesn’t have to make much money.  It doesn’t have to make any money at all, since our day jobs cover our rent.
But what it will do is let us choose one great out of print work of classic and/or obscure sci-fi a month, track down the people that hold the copyright (if they are still around), and publish that work online and on all the major digital book platforms for little or no cost. Every month on this website visitors will get to vote on the next great but not so well remembered work we will rescue from the obscurity of the past.
We’re going to take some of the greatest works of imagination of the 20th Century, and bring them into the 21st, and you can help, by subscribing today!

Check out the three books they have gotten out so far, and more over at If you want to vote for what they do next or nominate some lost titles, check out the list of ‘orphans‘.

[As a side note, getting a hold of their goods does cost money, and they haven’t given me free access or anything totally awesome like that. But it is a neat idea, and I like books! So they may get some $$ out of me.]