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Mesta Memories #17 – Blooming Mills



The Mesta Machine Company made many products for the steel making industry, and a large portion of those products were rolling mills. A blooming mill is a type of rolling mill that produces ‘blooms’, a kind of thick, rough-surfaced slab. Here is the definition of a bloom from’s Steel Glossary Terms:

A semi-finished long product of greater than 150 mm square or rectangular cross-section. Blooms can be produced by continuous casting or by rolling from ingot. Continuously cast rounds of 300mm diameter or greater are also referred to as blooms

Blooms are typically made from cast steel ingots, which are also sometimes called blooms, that are heated in soaking pits until they reach working temperature, then sent to the blooming mill where the ingots are repeatedly sent through one or more sets of powerful rollers that reduce its cross section while increasing its length. Once the desired cross section has been reached, the bloom is usually sent on to the slabbing mill for finishing.

At the end of this article is a video that shows a steam powered blooming mill in operation.






[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″][/youtube]

All images are from the 1919 edition of “Plant and product of the Mesta Machine Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania“.

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