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The LEGO Story

In 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, began making wooden toys in his home workshop. A few years later he started a company called Lego, which was derived from the Danish words leg godt or “play well”. Over time, LEGO improved their product and went from wood to plastic in 1949, but it remained a regional phenomenon. Then, in 1954, Christiansen’s son Godtfred had a conversation with an overseas buyer interested in the interlocking bricks. He saw potential in them as a toy to encourage creativity. However, the bricks were not as user friendly as they could be. In 1958, LEGO came out with a new design that was only held up by the search for a suitable material. ABS plastic was chosen, and the LEGO block we know today was born. In fact, today’s blocks will still work with blocks from 1958.

Hit the jump for a video about Lego. It’s only 17 minutes. You need a break anyway.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

  • Cute video.

    There was a Discovery channel program that showed the current LEGO factory and production line, how it runs and the specifics of how the company is staying successful.

    There was a point were LEGO was almost bankrupt. If memory serves in the '90's they really hit a sales slump and then again got back to basics, cut out some poor ideas and went gang busters with allowing outside product placement on LEGO, like the Batman, Indy Jones, and all the other cool themes.

    Almost winter, almost time to rebuild everything the kids destroyed on our display. Nothing better than a beer, some football on TV and a table full of LEGO.

  • Charles_Barrett

    Then, there is the untold story of the Black Sheep Christiansen son, Hermey, who didn't want to make toys…

    [youtube day3yvj3f7s youtube]

  • RahRahRecords

    I know I've posted this here before, but one more time won't hurt anything
    [youtube RzHq28GFQuA&feature=plcp youtube]
    not the best lego stop motion video out there, but it's the best one I made

  • Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but just one of the great things about LEGO is that hardly any of it is made in China the last time I checked.

  • Let's not forget the Lego version of the Death Star Canteen (language NSFW):
    [youtube muaAZE0M3LU youtube]

    • Charles_Barrett

      This is my personal favorite. Gotta love how the creator brought Eddie Izzard's stand-up sketch to life.

    • RahRahRecords

      that's my other favorite