Startup: Deskzilla!

The people of Papercliptown were eaten in their sleep, and Post-It City was completely decimated. Though tragic, the citizens of Too Much Spare Time at the Office had warned them for months that this was coming.


  • johnnymac09

    You're going to build one of those on your first day back to work, aren't you?

    • TechieInHell

      Actually I was thinking of going into the office, stealing a bunch of bulldog clips and brining them home to make it while I'm still on vacation.

      • CaptianNemo2001

        I will work on one as well. Because I can…

  • PowerTryp

    Honestly I think the little guy is just misunderstood. Do you understand the kind of pressure he's under? Being a paperclip monster isn't an easy life. Everybody runs from you and while all you want to do is play. Those big block feet make you a bit clumsy. So what if a few houses get ruined it's not the end of a friendship! He can help you rebuild. But why? why the pitchforks and torches? Now that's just pissing him off and oops there goes another house and the school. Welp, he's in pain everybody run.

    After a few days of fighting the only thing left on the chared landscape is the paperclip monster walking sadly away from his former potential friends.

    • TechieInHell

      For some reason I started hearing the end credits music from "The Incredible Hulk" when I read that.

      No kids, neither the Edward Norton nor Eric Bana ones.

      • PowerTryp

        LOU FERRIGNO! Also that is the saddest music ever.