Canadian Wind Sock

I hear it really blows up there. The wind I mean.


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  • skitter

    Since it's shutdown, Off Topic Technology-Will-Be-The-Death-Of-Us entry:

    Over two years, my previous landlord has called me David. There's nothing wrong with that, except it's not my name. It's not on the lease I signed, not on any check he's ever received, not even any of the references I used. For a while I wondered if "Daveed" was some sort of what's-up flowing out of a different culture and a heavy accent. Eventually I gave up trying to clarify things. (Though I have been very specific about the deposit check, since I'm hoping to actually… deposit it. )

    Then today, I was dealing with what I suspected was another misspelling of my name when I couldn't renew some of the university's books. (It turns out my name now has (Alum) tacked on to the end (case sensitive).) Just as I was hanging up with the support desk, the librarian asked me, by the way, if my name was David. No, but please tell me why you thought that. It's what the phone says.

    All of a sudden, it makes sense. As far as phones, my family spends most of our minutes talking to each other. It's cheaper to just add extra lines than for everyone to have their own plan. David, as our eagle-eyed viewers have guessed, is in charge of the plan.

    I am a frequently misspelled middle-named contrarian who tends to have very contentious relationships with cookie cutter systems. People tell me I can't fight the system. But no matter how automated,
    And we can repair it. We have the technology.

    • MrHowser

      My girlfriend (now wife) got really confused once when my dad's name came up on the caller ID at her house. Same problem.

      • Deartháir

        I wonder if I can get them to change my call-display name to "Occupant"…

        • CaptianNemo2001

          I gave up remembering friends real names and just use their nick names and or In Game Names as I am always seeing and typing up the names and thus remember them soooo much easier. Found out my friends name was David… When I along with everyone else had been calling him Galen (As in the famous physician), Turns out it was his middle name and he liked it better. Another friend's real name was Eric but changed it to Jamie since he liked it more.

          What is really bad is trying to play a party for someone and they don't call their friends by their real names ever… Made party planning a pain in the butt… But somehow the party worked out.

        • The Professor

          I briefly toyed with the idea of using the pseudonyms "Somebody stop him!" or "Don't let him get at the controls!", but it would have been too much of a hassle. Bloody phone companies and ISPs…

      • OA5599

        I used to have a Poor Man's Unlisted Number. The phone company charges a couple bucks a month extra for an unlisted number, but zero for a made up name on a published number. If someone calls and asks for the random name I made up (Note, when you make up a random name, be sure you are happy with the spelling before you give the phone company the OK), I know it's somebody trying to sell me something and say they have the wrong number when I hang up.

        Anyway, back in the early days, my now wife would never answer the phone when I called, because she wouldn't want to talk to strangers (according to the CID), and I would never leave a voicemail because it's too impersonal.

    • All my life people have tried to call me Scott. It started in elementary school and hasn't stopped. My mother tells me I was almost named Scott. Back when I used to shoot a lot of IPSC matches I usually shot with my friend Scott, so it was sort of understandable that people there would confuse names. My name is Todd. I once met another guy named Todd and he said everybody tried to call me Scott too!

    • tiberiusẅisë

      I often show up as checkmydate(dot)com on caller id. Apparently they had the number before me and the phone company has no interest in fixing this. Truth be told, neither do I.

  • B72

    On another note, something about that windsock looks funny. I think the angle of attack is off by 5 or 10 degrees.

    • Vairship

      He's clearly coming in for landing. Which may be a problem on those days when he's pointed right at that hangar there!