Startup: Zombie Preparedness

Oh, you say there’s an apocalypse coming? No worries, I got this.

  • The Professor

    Oooo, I like those tracks!

    • pj134

      It looks like they would get gummed up with trees and bodies though. The tread covers should be sharpened if that's how they want to do it.

      • The Professor

        Yeah…but you could mount some track scrapers to help keep 'em cleaned out, or maybe just a vertical cleat every couple of feet. I want that extra traction when navigating mountains of undead corpses.

        • pj134

          Yeah, sharpen the tread covers and have the treads move through tunnels under that. Should take care of bodies and mud pretty well.

          • Nah! Just wind it up to 120 MPH and tracks are cleaned, boss!

  • It's, hem, pointy.

  • texlenin

    Chinese artist who uses only junk car parts, right?