Startup: Spherical, but Quite Pointy at Parts

The future is here, and it looks like the past! Sputnik 0667 may not exactly be the Sistine Chapel, but creating custom advertisements to showcase your one off case-mod is a pretty solid effort. And check out those screen graphics! ‘Bye baby, I’m going space hunting!’

Images from (where you can see more about this machine), via nerdcore.

  • TechieInHell

    Nothing says "Top of the Economic Food Chain" like slacks and loafers with no socks. The aquarium on his head is a nice touch too.

  • betterwrappedinbacon

    I want this. No, I WANT this!

  • I am at this very moment sitting at the laser cutter etching and cutting 1/4" Marine Finn Ply Mahogany… Which, I'm willing to bet, is what most if not all of that thing is made of, and made on. Also, using a Windows machine. (It must be a machine, it keeps making clunking noises and smells of hot oil.)