Startup: Sometimes You Feel Like A Bridge, Sometimes You Carnival Ride

Thanks to big, expensive, modern, urban residential development projects, some lucky architect got to design a retractable footbridge/Hoberman sphere that can eat your children – I’m assuming. I may have made that last bit up.


  • OA5599

    <img src="; width=500>

    I think that architect might have been a doodlebug.

  • skitter

    It's all hydraulic, and I thought that meant it was impractically slow. But it was actually so fast it was scaring people, and they had to slow it down.

  • TheOtherMacLeod

    I would think it would all depend on where the hydraulics were attached..

  • CaptianNemo2001

    I like it. Does it come in flat black… I need to make a hidden bridge in a dark place…

  • Welcome to The Blofeld Arms, the latest in gracious urban living.

  • Zow! I'll have to re-hash the drawbridge on my Fortress of Solitude. Imagine the fun of having your enemies rushing your gates, only to have the drawbridge swallow them up like some big lizard tongue!

    • Vairship

      They'll be imprisoned automatically! Of course, you could also have it only partially but rapidly retract into the position it is in photo 2, to fling them away!