Grand Finale – All 135 Space Shuttle launch videos at once.

Grand Finale – 135 Shuttle Launches WOOT

To the Shuttle enthusiast this one is a must not miss. There really isn’t much to say, just sit back, watch, and remember.

Beware of goosebumps, nostalgia, and dust in your eyes.


Well done McLean, well done. Share the love and visit McLean Fahnestock at his website,

(Hat Tip to Montersour, ZomBee pilot and Antarctica explorer extraordinaire)

  • FЯeeMan

    Well done.

  • skitter

    Amazing, poignant. My reaction mirrors that of the comments on Vimeo: at first, I wondered if Challenger would be included, though how could it not be? Then I was wondering if the video was long enough, or if I'd be able to find uncontrolled explosion amid the many controlled ones. But you can't miss it, and it painfully reminds us of the dangers and the heroism of all involved. It also reminds me that when a human spacecraft makes it into orbit, something beautiful has happened.

  • The Professor

    Cool, but it made me wonder, what would 135 simultaneous launches look like in real life? This took many minutes of slack-jawed thinking, especially trying to imagine a launch facility that could handle 135 shuttles all at once. After that, I tried to imagine 135 shuttles all discarding their solid boosters at the same time, and what it would look like from the ocean when they all came down. Then, all 135 shuttles trying to maneuver into orbit without colliding, and what the radio traffic would sound like.
    Now I need to go have a lie down, because I'm dizzy…

    • CaptianNemo2001

      You should let Doctor Zoidberg operate and fix that dizziness problem….

      As for what 135 simultaneous launches look like in real life? Well, it would be one hell of a loud, messy (choking exhaust), complicated 135 different trajectory's. In simple terms, CHAOS.

  • Damn. That was awesome.