Startup: Metashop

I thought this was fantastically meta, but might only make sense to people who have used Photoshop. Have you not used Photoshop? You really should try. It’s really expensive and super hard to figure out, but there’s no reason for you not to be as frustrated as the rest of us.

Image credit to Jim somebody. Russ? Ruzz? Ruff? I like Ruzz, just because it’s odd. Nice work, Jimbo, sign your name bigger next time.



  • skitter

    Oliver Sacks was working with people with synesthesia who were also color blind, and learned that some of them had experienced colors they'd never seen, colors that because of the physical characteristics of their eyes, were invisible in the world. It's incredible enough any time we have a truly novel, incomparable experience through any of our senses, but the possibility that we could experience a color that does not exist is completely mind-blowing.

    • TechieInHell

      I've often wondered about the potential for everyone to experience color in a completely unique way. Since all we have is arbitrary labels for particular frequencies of RF, it's entirely possible that the color I see as blue is experienced by others as a shade that I would call orange. How would we know? Define blue without making reference to an object or substance that is blue.

      Apparently, different colours make us respond in different ways emotionally and subconsciously. I think it might explain why some people just have absolutely no taste when picking out things like clothes, paint, cars, etc…

      • I went to a seminar on color once. I learned that there are actually many different levels of colorblindness just like regular vision. It isn't an all or nothing thing. They even had a test of 20 or so different shades of 4 or 5 different colors and you had to put them in order.

        My wife has a set of luggage that she swears is dark blue, but I can't see it as anything but black.

        • OA5599

          My wife insists one of my cars is dark blue, even though everyone else sees it as green. Curiously, the shade of green is pretty close to the color of my Jeep, which she agrees is green.

        • I'm tint blind. When the colors get close to one another in shade, I can't tell them apart. Hence I only own black dress socks…that my wife picked out… because I can't tell the difference in color when they are on the shelf. The color blind test is funny for me. Some I can see clearly, others I have difficulty but can make something out, while others I am completely blind to.
          And night time sucks. My eyes take longer to adjust to the dark as all the shades of grey are too close for me to differentiate. I'm constantly tripping up/down the stairs because the Mrs. turned out the light when she got to the landing.

          • That's exactly what I'm talking about, the tint blindness. One place I worked my group leader had that. We would have painted plastic parts come in that obviously didn't match. "Who approved this?!" His response was "What's the problem, they match." He didn't realize it because he didn't have the classic red-green or other types of colorblindness.

          • RahRahRecords

            I think you mean hue. Technically speaking, in paints and inks, hue is the base color, a tint is a lighter version of it and a shade is darker.

  • OA5599
  • My friends tell me there is a funny joke on this shirt, but I don't see it.

    <img src=""&gt;

    • CaptianNemo2001

      Lolz there a whole series of shits like this. Can you read it?

      • Can I read it? No. Can I make out what it says? Yes. For me, some parts of the letters are missing due to not being able to differentiate between the adjacent color. It's like connect the dots or constellations for me.

        • OA5599

          If you can't make out the whole thing, you can always play with the color settings on your monitor.

          • If only I could adjust The tint settings in real life 🙁

          • CaptianNemo2001

            you should be able to do it if not through a regular desktop monitor then through a photo editing program or maybe your computer came with such a program.

  • jeepjeff

    If you don't want to be a software pirate, but still want something nearly as powerful[*] and equally difficult to figure out, you can try The Gimp (I'm going to let YOU google that, the name is legit though, GNU Image Manipulation Program. ;). It's what I use when I need to 'shop something.

    Also, the color chooser is similar enough between the two that the picture is still hilarious. Even better when viewed on the WWW. Now, to take a screen shot, print it out and hang it on the wall…

    [*] The differences between the two are well beyond my skill.