Startup: Bloooooooooooohrg!

Attention all employees: please do not feed tequila shots to the Xerox any more.


  • OA5599

    The auto parts store near my house put a sign in their window: NO PUBLIC RESTROOM. That seemed a bit odd to me, since it's located in the back corner of a shopping center and away from foot traffic and bus stop patrons. I just couldn't imagine restroom usage could be that significant of a problem to justify making the sign.

    A guy had gone in there and, uh, made a mess of things–with his mess. Apparently, that's some sort of fetish. His "artwork" covered the floor, was in the sink, on the walls, etc. Imagine the picture above, but in brown.

  • I am really surprised there isn't a person sized gap in all this mess.

  • CaptianNemo2001

    What if i like printing in black?

  • Looks like it's time to start dusting for prints….

  • johnnymac09

    Never seen a mess quite that big before, but I have cleaned up plenty of printers that did similar things. All of which were using refilled toners.

  • I'd say the silicon chip inside its head
    got switched to overload.
    And nobody's gonna go to school today….

    • texlenin

      She's only programmed to be very nice
      But she's as cold as ice
      Whenever I get too near
      She tells me that she likes me very much
      But when I try to touch
      She makes it all too clear.

      She is the latest in technology
      Almost mythology
      But she has a heart stone
      She has an I.Q. of 1001
      She has a jumpsuit on
      And she's also a telephone.

      "Yours Truly,2095"
      ELO "Time"

  • fodder650

    Yeah I've cleaned up toner cartridges that have burst open before as well. The fun of using refurbished tubes of toner. Still none of them went quite this far.