Quixotic Quantum Quandary

Q³: Don’t Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

Welcome once again to your favorite Saturday pastime, the Atomic Toasters exclusive–Quixotic Quantum Quandary! This particular weekend morning I spent some quality time outdoors watching the neighbors drive by, as we hosted a bit of a garage sale. At some point soon the the family and I will be undertaking a move, and the act of packing always serves to motivate me to get rid of one or two token items. So there was a moderate selection of goods laid out in the driveway for perusal, and I was struck by a certain observation today. The array strewn out in the yard seemed to be lacking in some curb appeal today, as a higher that expected number of folks did the ‘slow down and gawk, then speed away disappointed.’ It served to be somewhat disappointing to me to find my stuff, albeit stuff I am willing to part with, was not even desirable enough to come to a complete stop and step out of the car for a stroll up the drive.

One of the items out for sale–that attracted a few lookers but no takers–was today’s Quandary. Well, a part of it anyhow, the mystery part that you see here. I have had a pair of these for some years now (not matching), and have attempted on infrequent occasion to let someone else take this one home at just such a garage sale. It does stimulate some discussion, but I suppose I am not much of a salesperson, since I haven’t talked anyone into it. Which is a bit odd, since my cause at such sales is the eviction of goods, not the acquisition of profit, and while I frequently throw out a price I think will garner some dealings, it instead simply concludes the conversation. So take a look, and let us all in on the secret! Then offer me a quarter.

You may find your supremely enlightening and always fulfilling helpful hint here.

Wrangling up parts for this quandary post is a special part of my week, and I’d like for you all to share in the fun! I am always on the look out for something good I haven’t thought of to use, so if you have a super strange piece of some old or neglected technology, please send some photos my way! Just email HycoSpeed@gmail.com and throw Q³ in the subject line so I’ll see it.

  • Mr_Biggles

    Well, the hint looks to be a spitting image of the bottom half of the Singer treadle sewing machine in my dining room. Similarity extends to the shiny hardwood floor underneath it. Despite that, no help.

    • The Professor

      Yeah, we have one stuffed in out storage shed. The wife insists on keeping the damned thing, even though she hasn't looked at it in over 20 years.
      The mystery gadget looks awfully familiar, especially that knurled roller. It looks like the foot pedal to regulate the motor speed on an electric sewing machine.

  • coupeZ600

    "One on't the cross beams ow't askew of the treadle…."

    • coupeZ600

      And you know the rest.

    • Careful – you're likely to get a time out in the comfy chair.

  • coupeZ600

    I don't know.. Mr. Wentworth just told me to come in here and say there was trouble at the Mill, that's all……..