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Mesta Memories #10 – Gas Blowing Engines

plantproductofme00mest_0044I’ve written about blowing engines before in Big, Complicated Machines #7, but the gas blowing engines produced by Mesta were quite different. The Mesta engines ran on the waste gasses produced by the blast furnaces that the blowing engines serviced, with little or no extra fuel required. I’m sure that there are some caveats to that statement however. The horizontal design of the engines made construction of the blowing houses much simpler and cheaper. In addition, each Mesta blowing engine also had a generator that produced electricity for the steel mill. They were a fairly elegant piece of engineering.

plantproductofme00mest_0045plantproductofme00mest_0046plantproductofme00mest_0047All images are from the 1919 edition of “Plant and product of the Mesta Machine Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania“.

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