Making Port

1335412801876It’s a happy place. Really it is…

  • CaptianNemo2001

    I find the chains far longer then they need to be and cite George Washington and his Hudson River Chain as an example of reality.

    Reality aside, its friggin awesome. Now why do they need chain barriers when they got a place that looks like pure evil lives there??

  • PowerTryp

    I read the title without seeing the picture and thought "are we really being taught to make our own booze? Excellent!"

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    • The Professor

      That comes later.

      • theTokenGreek

        good, because my first thought on reading PowerTryp's comment was that it's a perfect topic for our crowd.

        • Deartháir

          Actually it's high on my list of topics. I plan on starting some homebrewing once we're in the new place.

          • CaptianNemo2001

            I got cases of Marionberry wine… Still don't know what to do with it.

          • PowerTryp

            Please do make many, many posts on homebrewing.