Even the Young Grow Old

The rein of NASA’s Space Shuttles ended last year, and they have been slowly making their way to their new homes in museums across the US. With Enterprise and Discovery both finding their way to their humble abodes, next in line for movement is the Endeavour, the newest of the now defunct Shuttle fleet. Built to replace the Challenger, her career began May 1992, and lasted to May 2011. Endeavour will go on display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, and orbiter currently sits at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. She is scheduled to make the cross country trip this September. Let’s take a unique look at the last launch into to space on Endeavour, from last year. Four cameras were along for the ride, and all four views have been synced up in the video past the jump (full screen mode is encouraged). Enjoy!



NASA video, synced by Northern Lights, via nerdcore. Lead image from

  • CaptianNemo2001

    You forgot the Original Mock-Up Shuttle. But then so did I.

  • craigsu

    Makes you wonder if the words "Go at throttle up" ever gave the folks in the shuttle and at Mission Control pause when they spoke it after Challenger.

  • CaptianNemo2001

    Yah. I still cant believe that after Apollo they somehow thought that it would be cheap and inexpensive to reuse the shuttle over and over… It also amazes me how many steps it takes to tighten down one nut on any object being worked on by NASA… With the modern computer controlled torq wrenches we should be able to go zip zip zip and be done. I like NASA but its become a paper producing paper weight that nobody but NASA can understand…