Deconstructing Technology, Shutdown

An Exploded View…


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A new occasional feature. There will be cutaway images too.

  • Deartháir

    This was my avatar over on Jalopnik.

    • The Professor

      How nostalgic. Shall I delete your comments too? Just like old home week.

      • Deartháir


        No, not really.

    • PowerTryp

      You went from a Rabbit decomposing to Poo. The avatar circle of life?

  • tiberiusẅisë

    Down to the wire ties. Impressive.

    • But they left certain assemblies intact. Most of the body panels/doors/hood are still attached, the tires should be separated from the wheels.

  • I never understood why they left the fuel door on.

    • OA5599

      Well, if they opened it, it would no longer be a door when it's a jar.

      • Number_Six

        They were clearly in quite a jam.

        • tiberiusẅisë

          Or a pickle.

          • CaptianNemo2001

            I think their mindes were stewing on the idea for a few days while others baked more concrete thoughts.

            BTW nice photo where to you find them?

  • At dealership prices, this is how a Golf becomes worth more than the GDP of several small nations.

  • OA5599

    My kid's netbook developed a cooling issue yesterday and kept throwing "SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY" error messages. It required pretty much this level of disassembly to reach the cooling fan, and a couple of the dozens of teeny tiny screws had the heads pre-stripped by the Toshiba factory. One of the stripped screws eventually stopped me, but by that point I had enough access to get a duster can in there and blast everything clean.

    I was quite astonished to discover I had no leftover parts, left no major scars (on me or the netbook), and I had properly seated all the connectors so that it worked fine from the first press of the power button.

    • The Professor

      Witchcraft! Burn him!

      • OA5599

        Well, I did make a late discovery that the can of compressed air was empty, and followed up with a trip to Wal Mart because that was the only place I could think of to buy a replacement at 10:30 pm. Have you ever seen the type of people who shop at Wal Mart when it's after hours for other stores? Well, now I'm one of them.

        • The Professor

          Good lord! He's unclean as well! Gaaa, unclean! Unclean!

          /There's just so much that you can panic about, once you think about it…

          • Number_Six

            I need to make a documentary about the Walmart phenomenon that occurs here in Alberta. At any time of day or night, the far end of a Walmart parking lot will be full of jacked-up diesel trucks idling merrily away – in summer with the aircon going (whether it's 60F or 80F). Why might this occur? Well, apparently if you own a diesel truck your hausfrau does the shopping while you sit and rock out to the dangerously edgy power-pop stylings of Nickelback. And possibly enjoy a nice blunt. Bitch better not be buyin none of that "fruit" or "vegetables" if she nose wuts gud for her.

        • Visiting Wal Mart is like going to the urologist – extremely unpleasant but, at some point, probably necessary,.

          • OA5599

            Both places also have a guy who is trying to touch your junk.

          • Wow, yours must be the worst WalMart ever!

          • OA5599

            Maybe you just aren't as paranoid as me.

        • GlassOnion9

          My father sent me this yesterday. It is relevant to this discussion:
          [youtube 7VkV4pz1osY youtube]

          Also, I apologize for your eyes. I'm sure they're now very very scarred.

        • tonyola

          Try going to a 24-hour Home Depot at 4 AM as I have done during night-time construction jobs.

          • GlassOnion9

            I wish we had one of those. I can't tell you how many times I've needed parts/tools/etc at 1AM when working late on projects. Usually automotive, but also frequently home-related.

            Not that I do too much of that anymore (I'm old and need sleep now).

          • OA5599

            Are there still any of those around?

            When my kid was an infant, sometimes he'd wake up at, say, 1 am and would not go back to sleep until he went for a ride in his stroller. When the weather was reasonable, that wasn't too difficult. When the weather was miserable, I'd jump in the car and take him to the 24-hour HD–dry, well-lit, and lots of wide aisles to roam, and at that hour, you could park by the door. The night owls there weren't nearly as bad as the WM shoppers, though.

            At any rate, all the 24-hour Home Depot stores around here converted back to normal hours.

          • tonyola

            I think they've all gone back to normal hours. My experience was around a decade ago.

        • GlassOnion9

          This discussion also reminds me of a comment a friend of mine made recently.

          We were going fishing EARLY and we decided to go out for breakfast first. We went to a local place that is basically a truck stop restaurant without the truck stop. Good breakfast, cheap, lots of it. Also, it is open 24 hours.

          Anyway, we were heading in around 4:30 AM and there were quite a few interesting characters in the parking lot. Clearly they were at the opposite end of their days.

          So my friend goes "I guess this is one of the few places where the night people meet the morning people"

          Yeah, that's about right.

          • skitter

            I belong to both of those crowds at times. I like that there's no such thing as definitive; the script goes out the window. Now, everybody is weird, not just night people or morning people. Anyone says "I'm perfectly normal," I say "Yeah right." The big difference, for me, is that I'm much more comfortable with people who know they're weird, and are comfortable with their weirdness.

          • GlassOnion9

            I'd agree with that.
            It's funny how I've become a morning person somewhat against my will. Back in college (comp. sci), it was rare for me and the sun to be up together for more than a few hours a day.
            Now I'm lucky if I can keep my eyes open past 9PM.

            Marrying a die hard morning person certainly had something to do with it. Also that whole showing up to work when other people are there nonsense.

            Also, why the hell waste time hanging out with people who think they are or want to be normal? That sounds boring.

          • tonyola

            I spent several months gigging in Las Vegas around 1990 or so and since the music gigs were mostly very late, I basically kept vampire hours. The big casinos are strange places at around 5 AM on a Monday morning. That's where you get the really hardcore night people – hookers, gangsters, people hopped up on God knows what, and even some very persistent little old ladies at the slot machines – all mixed in with tired and hungry showpeople like me as well as the janitors and cleaning staff.

          • GlassOnion9

            I love Vegas at way off hours. Especially a block or two off the strip.

            I bet the early 90s were a good (or at least interesting) time to be a musician in Vegas. Lots of money and even more coke?

          • tonyola

            I was never into the coke much. It's too good of a drug to be trusted mainly because you can fool yourself into thinking that you're as functional as ever even though you're getting increasingly strung out. Also, the Vegas cops were pretty hard-assed about drugs even then. A guitar player we picked up in Vegas had a local apartment and we in the band spent an evening there watching movies and getting buzzed on a few Js. About five minutes after we left for home, the cops busted into the guy's apartment, tore the place up, and arrested him for dealing coke – apparently some girl he jilted tipped them off. Had we stayed five more minutes, we would have ended up in a Vegas jail too.

          • The Professor

            I lived in Reno for a while when I was much, much younger, and it was one of the loneliest places that I've ever lived. The locals tend to think that everyone is a tourist and are rather cold until they realize that you're not. Many of the tourists seem to think that everyone not on their tour bus is either a local guide or trying to sell them something and that got old fast. If you don't like to gamble, casinos aren't good for much except cashing checks at any hour of the day or night.
            I did love the countryside though, the high desert is a great place.

          • FuzzyPlushroom

            It's not quite four on a Wednesday morning, and I'm contemplating sleep. This tends to happen when I don't have a regular schedule. I enjoy going for walks between, oh, midnight and five or so; in my small town, here on a state highway, cars pass by perhaps every fifteen minutes at most, so I've walked a few miles without seeing another soul.

            It's quite nice, to be honest.

            Back in a while.

  • tonyola

    How typical of a VW….

    "Goddammit – that electrical short has to be here someplace!"

    • Deartháir

      I'll post photos of the Corrado in a few months; I expect they'll look much like this, but in a more confined space.

      I have a phantom battery drain to track down.

  • Did someone say exploded?