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User Input: The Greatest Superpower

I’m on a bit of a comic book hero kick right now, because I haven’t yet had an evening off to watch that new Avengers movie, so I’m catching up on all the backstory movies that introduce the characters… as well as any others I happen to find on my AppleTV that I’ve forgotten about. One thing, however, has leapt out at me: in my personal opinion, the two most awesome of the superheros that we’ve been introduced to of late are Iron Man and Batman. And neither of these two have any real superpowers at all; they just have great huge embarrassingly large piles of money in brown paper sacks. Seriously, like Scrooge McDuck, swimming-in-the-money-vault levels of money. And clearly, that is the greatest superpower of them all. I mean sure, they’re also brilliant individuals, but let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t have the money to get all the important pieces you’ll need.

So, as a result of this, it really comes down to the awesome toys. And perhaps that’s why we like Iron Man and Batman so much: they’re ordinary guys with the world’s most awesome toy collection. And who among us wouldn’t give up our firstborn to have that awesome toy collection?

In the world of science fiction or superhero lore, what is the most awesome “toy” that you lust after the most?