Titanium Twister

A friend of mine works for Henkel and worked on a product called Alodine EC2. Alodice EC2 is a titanium metal oxide (TiO2) coating for aluminum, titanium and other metals that doesn’t chip. Obviously, for materials like steel, if the coating is chipped then the inner metal can start corroding.

But that’s boring. What’s not boring is a company called Titanium Twister has used this technology to make a better replacement beater for the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. OK, that’s not all that exciting, either. Until you start watching their videos about their better beater starring boobies a blonde reading cue cards, and a video about the Alodine EC2 process starring a Speak N Spell. Hit the jump and enjoy the beater.



  • The Professor

    Good lord, in the first video, what were they using the stock beater for, mixing concrete? The wife has been using a similar KitchenAid mixer for around 30 years, and the beater is unblemished. Do I detect video production enhancements?

    • Even the paddles we used on big Hobart 60 -80 quart mixers typically lasted a decade or two of 8 hour days (7 days a week!)

      A replacement paddle, BTW, is about $15 for a Kitchen Aid. Unless it's coated in TiO2, I'm guessing that's a bit more pricey.

    • fodder650

      Of course it was tested with concrete. I mean have you had my wifes cake? The batter is made of concrete I tell you.

      <img src="; width="400'">

      • pj134

        I don't know… I've seen your picture, her cooking can't be that bad…


        • fodder650

          HA! Nicely played.

          • pj134

            Where you been? It's been a month now!

          • fodder650

            I actually have a post going up in a couple of hours today about a very unusual aircraft. I hope to have a full set of stories set for next week as well by the end of today. As for where I have been. Mostly its revolved around issues with work and changing careers at nearly 40.

  • But….will it blend?

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