• OA5599

    Perhaps a bit too staggered to be symmetrical, but visually appealing anyway.

    • The Professor didn't specify what kind of symmetry. It looks like a pretty good glide plane:

      <img src="; width="150">

      Or, for the geometers, a glide reflection.

      • The Professor

        The symmetrical reflection is what caught my eye. On some engines it really jumps out at you.

    • pj134

      While the fuel part is staggered, I think in the end they are all equal. The symmetry for me is lost by only five having nuts on the end of the fuel lines.

      Never thought our dear Professor was the M3 type though…

      • The Professor

        Yeah, the nuts really screw up the line of the injector lines (?) so that they don't lay flat. I'm surprised that Stuttgart let them get away with that.

        I'm not an M3 guy, although the engine is kinda pretty. This is my favourite BMW model:

        <img src="; width="300" border="2" style="border:2px solid black;" alt=" " />

        Never had a chance to own one though.

  • Tiller188

    Yup, I'll take functional art any day.