Startup: Flaming Parentheses

I wanted to find a great pic of Sunday’s annular eclipse to show you. This one is pretty awesome, but it was on imgur without proper attribution or credit, so I can’t even be sure it’s the May 20, 2012 eclipse. Nonetheless, a spectacular photo. Click to embiggen.

  • pj134

    Hmmm… a B2000 along with possibly a tenth gen F150 and as best as I can tell a sixth gen Monte Carlo being the only cars in the picture doesn't lead me to think that it is a new picture. But searching it in Google images makes me think that it has only existed for a few days so… I'm probably wrong on the cars.

    • skitter

      I like your boldness on calling the Monte Carlo. My gut instinct was "Prius", second or third gen.

    • TechieInHell

      I was thinking the same thing, but temporal logic doesn't rule it out. This picture could be newer than the oldest car pictured, but it cannot be older than the newest car pictured.

      This is the first eclipse of the 21st century visible from the US. Are there vehicles pictured there that are at least 1999 or newer? If yes, and that's a US highway, then this must be from this weekend.

      My logic could be flawed. Feel free to challenge my assumptions.

      • jeepjeff

        Your logic is valid, and the generation Monte Carlo proposed had 2000 as its first MY, the suggestion of the Prius is a few MY after that.

        Also, the sunset mid-eclipse location was in the Texas Panhandle. As GlassOnion9 pointed out, it sure looks like a West Texas highway, and 90s American metal with nothing newer around wouldn't cause me to doubt it was from Sunday's eclipse. (Particularly with as little detail as there is of the cars in the picture.)

      • pj134

        Nope, I'm with you. Sometimes when you're in an area that everyone trades in their car every 1.243 years you forget that it is possible for three decade old cars to visible in one picture. I think I tried to say the last sentence in your first paragraph but forgot.

        The only other eclipses I could say this might possibly be are:

      • Deartháir

        Unless there was time travel involved.


        Yeah, that's what I thought.

  • GlassOnion9

    It certainly looks like a West Texas Highway
    [youtube h_nQtSEd0Ao youtube]

  • Number_Six

    We had cloud, I saw nothing. Do I have to use a shoebox to look at the picture?

    • The Professor

      You should look at everything through a shoebox. Give the women and horses a break.

    • pj134

      Yes Igor, we heff sky full of cloud!

  • texlenin

    Run! The Devil is in the sky! Flee for your lives!!!