Boys’ Life: .22 For You

The world of .22 rifles can be cut-throat, with the various companies all fighting for a piece of the ‘boy’s first rifle’ market. The sales angle has to be carefully crafted so that the child in question will deem the rifle worthy of his months of hinting and coaxing so his parents will know just which gun is the one. Two of the players from 1960 are still around today, and likely the entry level rifles haven’t changed a whole lot in the ensuing years. Let’s take a look at a 2 different sales pitches from Boys’ Life magazine, and see which .22 the 14-year-old you would like to take home?

  • tonyola

    The ad writer doesn't know much about snakes. The copperhead, though a pit viper, is not aggressive in nature and rarely carries enough venom to seriously harm an adult human. Though not trivial, a copperhead bite is almost never fatal – the biggest dangers are secondary infection or rare allergic reactions. Also. copperheads prefer woods to open areas like where the prospector was fooling around.

  • What? No contest! The Savage is two guns in one! Let's say you like guns, why have one gun? Have two! (Insert Xzibit meme here)

    Take it from a guy whose first gun was a Remington Nylon 66 (chambered for .22 short rifle only), and whose second was a Winchester Model 12 shotgun. With the Savage I could have killed two bir- …you see where I'm going.

    Although, the Remington is a bolt action repeater with a 7 round capacity, and the Savage is a break action… hmmm.

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  • coupeZ600

    When I was a kid growing up we all had that Savage .22LR/.410 combo rifle, and was it great! If it was on the ground it got a sweet-ass .22 slug in it, if it was in the air, a little blast of some bird-shot would treat it quite nicely. The method was simple, walk in a line through the desert, and if something moved it got shot and later eaten. Our motto was, "What Is It? Kill It!!!" I'm not particularly proud of this, but I do remember thinking at the time that it was a whole helluva' lot of fun…

    I have read somewhere that people are shooting .44 Mag rounds out of .410's, and I'm just glad we didn't think of that brilliant idea.

    • .44 mag rounds out of a .410 is probably a bad idea, but .45 Colt should do fine, especially if you don't have a choke on the barrel.

      • pj134

        That's how the Judge is setup, isn't it?

        • Among others. T/C was the first to discover this several years ago with a .410/.45 Colt barrel for the single shot Contender pistol. It is sort of a work around the sawed off shotgun rule (min. barrel length 18") If the barrel is rifled and a .410 shell happens to fit in the chamber all is good. Smooth bore would = illegal/Class 3. Taurus tried to do a 28ga judge and showed off some prototypes, but BATF squashed it for a couple of reasons, bore over .50" and probably not rifled.