What Ever Became of…Fat Melting Jiggle Machines?

One constant theme throughout man’s technological development has been the desire for instant gratification. Why should we have to wait to do some thing the ‘slow’ or ‘old fashioned’ way when we can just invent a machine do do it for us? The realm of fitness and weight loss has always managed to be a diverse cache of intriguing solutions. There have been so many ideas developed that when one makes the big time you know it is a rare invention indeed. The vibrating belt weight loss machine was one such gem, captivating the world’s fitness consciousness for a brief shining moment.

Simply stand and lean against the belt as the machine does all the work! Those fat cells can’t help but be loosened and whisked away!

While the claims of weight loss magic may have been somewhat dubious, surely the soothing vibrating massage must have generated some positive results in relaxation and holistic well-being. Yet the stand up fat jiggling belt machine has been missing from gyms for years now.

Next time you dust off the ShakeWeight or your ThighMaster, think back to a real simple solution and wonder–what ever happened to those vibrating belt weight loss machines?

Images, in order of apperance from,,,,,,, and for a look at someone trying to bring this back!.

  • Number_Six

    There was one of these in every gym I went to in South Korea and Japan over the previous decade. Pretty much every exercise scammer in the States is still selling them, but often with the clever upgrade to vibrating platform with no belt. I prefer they stay back in the 'forties, thank you.

    <img src=""&gt;

    • GlassOnion9

      I approve of this picture.

    • OA5599

      The machine uses a relatively powerful motor to have moving parts oscillate near human bodies. In Asia, when a kid gets injured playing with a product with inherent design defects, the check written by the manufacturer or their insurer has at least one fewer comma when converted to USD, than compensation for a similar US injury.

  • GlassOnion9

    It seems like I see these machines in almost every antique/junk store. Im not sure why anyone would want to buy one, though. They dont strike me as particularly great retro decor. Unless they came with the girl in the photo from NumberSix. In that case, Ill take two

  • discontinuuity

    They were replaced briefly by those weird electric shock machines.

  • fodder650

    I remember seeing them while I was growing up. I believe there was a family member with one of the sixties models. They took up a lot of room and I never remember seeing it being used. Just that to a 10 year old's eyes it really catches your attention. It seems to be to strange to be true.

    But then they did drink radium in the 20's for health benefits. So why wouldn't this seem any less normal?

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      One time I saw a Grand Caravan with a roof rack made from old exercise equipment, it's the first time I'd seen exercise equipment used for anything. My uncle had a row master and my aunt those thigh things that Suzanne Sommers sold. At least they did not take much room.

  • Graeme H

    very popular in Australia 30 years ago and i have one but lost the belt can any one help As a male not for weigh lose muscle massage loved it it all ways took all the stres out of ny body

  • rob

    i use it for self gratification , lol

  • Seeing these machines – LMAO! I'm old enough to remember them and I can't imagine why we thought they'd work!

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  • sonneofmanisrael

    Like to buy one one thse butt exercise machines, who has one in Northern Californa?

    • Rebecca LaCount

      I have one! Vintage 50s era. It still works.

      • sonneofmanisrael

        Email: but I will delete soon if I can.

        • Rebecca LaCount

          Ok, got it

      • Jamie Lynette Long

        Do you still have your machine.

  • Tierra

    They loosened your internal organs, many people died from these! Don’t use one!

    • Carola Adolf

      hahah – now I know why I have kidneys in my toes…….. lol

    • NoItIsnt

      Clearly, just some folks brains.

  • disqus_wuVOoF0tC9

    anyone know where to buy the belts? I have one but my darn dog chewed the belt 🙁

  • Ahhh, to think a vibrating belt would melt those pounds away! And back then they didn’t even have to deal with foods overloaded with sugar!

  • Cheryl Lockett Alexander

    a hand held massager will give you the same results.

  • David Darlow

    co ed is the way