Startup: The Stalking Dead

Are you a huge fan of “The Walking Dead” but wish you had a convenient way to spoil the series for yourself and see where in the real world each of the events in the series took place? Me neither. Somebody figured it was important, and the results are actually kind of cool: a full Google Maps walkthrough of each major event and zombie encounter from Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comic series. AMC’s televised version apparently has a few differences. Even if you’re not into it, the effort is impressive.

Google maps link

Tip: scroll down past the legend on the left to get to the actual events that you can click on and jump to, with cels from the comics.




  • BlackIce_GTS

    I've only seen the first episode, so maybe it gets (or the comic is) better. It just seemed like the most generic possible zombie thing. 1) There's a guy looking for his family.
    2) They don't call them zombies for some reason.
    It wasn't a bad zombie thing, just devoid of uniqueity. Maybe the thing is that it's just well done without resorting to things such as new ideas?

    • Number_Six

      It's kind of like General Hospital, but with more shootings, stabbings, and mastication of human flesh. Sadly, Victor Newman does not make an appearance.