Mites or Tites?


Edgar could never remember the difference, and spent many an hour in his private tunnel pondering.

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  • BlackIce_GTS

    Stalactites are usually packed together on the ground, and it's a tight squeeze to walk between them.
    Stalagmites hang down form the ceiling and you might bump your head on them.
    (, really?)

    • Deartháir

      Actually you have that totally backwards.

      Stalactites cling from the ceiling.
      Stalagmites grow from the ground.

      Easy as pie!

    • I beg to differ. Stalactites are formed by calcite enriched water, dripping down from the back {roof} of a mine or a cave, giving up the calcium carbonate as it travels down the stalactite. A stalagmite is formed on the sill (floor) of the tunnel or cave while that same water gives up the rest of the calcium carbonate. Stalactites and stalagmites are made up of calcium carbonate, the building block of limestone. Acidic water dissolves the calcium carbonate as it percolates through the limestone, forming voids that may become caves, or just vugs (teeny little caves), then when the water is saturated with that calcium carbonate, it precipitates out of the water, forming these nice cave formations. I see these in the mines where I work, interpret this kind of thing to my Mine Tourists all day long. Neat stuff. However, transvestites are a different formation, about which I know absolutely nothing.

      • Shit. I got trolled on that one, but what I said is pretty much accurate.

    • OA5599

      Stalactites hang tight from the ceiling
      Stalagmites might some day grow up to meet them.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    The 'tites go down and the 'mites go up. Usually in that order.

  • tonyola

    That was too easy. Now let's tackle anticline and syncline.

    • Anticlines are "A" shaped. Synclines are, um, the other ones. Technically that's only sufficient for distinguishing between antiforms and synforms, however.

      As for 'mites versus 'tites, just call them all speleothems.

      • tonyola

        I should have excluded you, shouldn't I?

      • I need more education as far as synclines and anticlines are concerned. I see them all the time underground, I think, but I need a geologist like yourself to educate me as far as what I'm really seeing. My pet geologist is getting old, and can't crawl or climb into my latest endeavor. Too bad it would take too long for you to get here in a two stroke powered three wheeled car to help me with this, that would be like geologic time.

        • That's how I can afford to charge such low hourly rates.

        • tonyola

          The Suburbian Epoch
          The Intersectionic Epoch
          The Stoplightocene Epoch
          and the longest of all….The Interstaterous Epoch, where most two-stroke, three-wheel carforms met with mass extinction.