It’s National Grilled Cheese Sammich Day!!

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, it’s National Grilled Cheese Sammich day!

Never mind that it is also National Grilled Cheese sammich MONTH, I need an excuse to grill up one of these tasty treats like I need an excuse to breathe. This just gives me an extra official reason to gloat about it.

Now, there is a secret to making grilled cheese sammiches that I was happy to keep to my chubby self, but a certain Canadian dark-overlord decided to blab it all over the intertubes. This got the attention of regular commentor Mr Biggles, and the upshot of all this is that Mr Biggles demanded a post on said treasure. Who are we to deny him?

The uuber secret if you were wondering, is to use mayonnaise instead of butter.


Yes kids, even Super-Spouse and I were once wary of the idea, but a few years ago I gave it a try and the results were amazing. The bread toasts up into a crunchy golden brown without a lot of extra greasiness we used to get with butter. And it is absolutely delicious, in a savory/salty melt on your tongue kinda way.

Trust the fat-man, this is how you want to eat a Grilled Cheese sammich. In fact, I think I’ll make one now.

But, to make it interesting, how about we issue a challenge… consider this a throwdown, moose-riding Mitchy-boy… your sammich against mine.

And why stop there? lets open this up to ALL the lactose-lovin sammich-grillin’  folks around here! American -vs- Canuk, Atomic Toasters -vs- Hooniverse, West Coast -vs- the less interesting parts of the world, me -vs- you!

Here is my lunch. Lets see yours…

Behold, the world’s self-proclaimed best Grilled Cheese sammich:

First, start with a good well seasoned cast-iron skillet. Other will work, just not nearly as well. And yes I know, never use cast-iron on a flattop stove. Like warnings ever stop me. Oh look, I just happen to have one freshly seasoned with a nice thick coat of bacon grease.

Next, preheat said skillet on medium-high heat until it just begins to puffs wisps of smoke. Turn down to low heat and let the cast iron distribute the heat evenly. Keep in mind the cast iron will continue to gather heat, so you might have to lower it even more. Aluminum pans will shed BTU’s much faster, so keep the heat up and an eye on them. Here my pan is already hovering around 400 deg according to my re-purposed  tire-temp gauge. Nice!

Next, spread a thin layer of mayo on the bread. Older breads work great, as you will be toasting them anyways. None of that nasty “spread” stuff here! Slice your cheese rather thinly and uniformly. One of these cheese thingy-majiggys work well. Slice enough for extra snacking.

Load up the cheese. If you want to go hog wild, you can now add bacon. But today we are going for tradition and purity here.

Stack your sammich!

Check pan. YIPES! I told ya so! This is why cast iron is soo awesome.

Some more mayo on top…

…and in the pan it goes, mayo side down. Add a bit more mayo on the dry side,

and cover.

Flip when your gut tell you to. If you burn it, your gut sucks. Keep practicing.

When both sides are toasted, the cheese should just be begining to melt. Don’t worry, it will continue melting as long as you keep the sammich warm.  Remove from heat, slice and serve!

Mock folks in neighboring countries, and enjoy!


So how ’bout it folks? Lets see your damn sammiches!


And Happy national Grilled Cheese Sandwich day!

  • Deartháir

    It's on, Sparky. It's on.

  • Mr_Biggles

    *Sigh* National Grilled Cheese Day gone for another year.

    I meant to document the whole thing (nicely done Sparky) but once I got going I was so excited about the cooking and eating parts that I completely forgot. So I have a picture of bread and cheese.
    <img src="; width="500">
    The kids got the usual medium cheddar on sliced whole wheat in the pan (w/mayo of course), but I figured I'd go a little gourmet for me and Mrs_Biggles. I got a crusty loaf of something with lots of bird seed on it, a couple of different cheeses (manchego, dubliner, 4 year old cheddar, asiago) and did them on the barbecue for even more crusty grilledness. I've never done it this way, and I wouldn't suggest it for a normal "just want a grillie" craving, but it fills a different grillie need in a mighty fine way. Grill marks on the bread, nice and crusty…yum.

    I then stepped it up for the finale and pulled out some Greek cheese called halloumi and a similar Canadian one called Guernsey Girl. Both of them go straight on the hot grill, no bread, no nuthin'. They get all brown and crusty and bubbly and if you ever get the chance, go for it. Tricky on the grill, easier in a pan, but they both hold together well even when melted, so the extra flavour and crust from the grill is worth the trickiness. Grilled cheese in it's purest form, one might say.

    And in closing, please take note of how I spelled "flavour" correctly…for the Canadian side.

  • tonyola

    You came dangerously close to burning that sucker, Sparky. Use butter instead of mayo, keep the heat lower, and wait until the cheese threatens to drip on the skillet.

    • Nay, tis the weird lighting and my utter lack of photographic talent. In real life it was a beautiful golden brown. With the flash it hardly even looked cooked.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    <img src=""&gt; Needs more egg and less cheese says this gut. This gut has trouble with so much cheese these days. Man do I want that grilled cheese now, stupid gut.

  • I followed up with round two for Super-Spouse, this time with bacon and spicy-bacon-basil-tomato soup!

    Hell, I could go for yet another one…

  • RahRahRecords

    My perfect grilled cheese: Captain John Derst bread, Muenster cheese, and Boar's Head pesto parmesan ham
    with plenty o butter
    however this mayo approach is intriguing and I may give it a shot.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    Fry up a few thin slices of peperoni in the pan first. Make them nice and crispy and put them in the sandwich. Add a little shredded cheddar to the sliced American cheese. Delish!

    • That sounds awesome!

      • pj134

        It is, but get the cut it yourself type and make them thick.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Dang the other thing my abused stomach has trouble with now-a-days – tomatoes. Man I love them. And I mostly miss them, but sometimes it's worth it. My stomach hates me. Anyway, I do love basil too, here's a great thing that I have with it, sort of surprising though, basil with fried rice and lime juice for over the top. It goes very well with beef as well. A bit of curry, yellow works well, in the rice is nice as well, but don't over power the basil leaves.

  • Number_Six

    Weird: I haven't had a grilled cheese in about eight months, nor do I ever even have cheese or bread in my home. But last night I was with family and my sis said, "why don't you make yourself a grilled cheese?" So I did. Then I saw this.

  • pj134

    Well, my preferred grilled cheese starts with two thick slices of fresh baked (by some random person in a grocery store) and either Gouda, Asiago or some good old American depending on how sharp I want it. Then, I have a trusty enameled cast iron pan that I get a half inch pad of butter in. Get it melted, but not too hot and gently lower your sammich in. When its not too hot it will absorb nicely into the bread. Get some good color on it and put another pad away from it. Once that melts flip it and after a few minutes press it. The pressing ensures that the bread is good and buttered while making the outside smooth and locking in the deliciousosity. The last step is to indulge in the best thing that the dairy industry has ever given us.