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Cats vs. Technology


Too smart for his own good.

Timothy Sobrinsky has a pair of cats. One of them, Milo, appears to be too smart for his own good. He has discovered that if he gets a really good run at it, he can attack his automatic cat-feeding machine, and cause it to dump a few extra morself of food into his dish. Timothy decided to catch him in the act. The video is below the jump.

This just proves our theory: any technology can be defeated by a user who is determined enough.

Milo vs. the food dish:


Thanks to our dear friend Charlotte for the link.

  • The Professor

    Just pray, pray that they don't develop thumbs.

    /gotta good laugh at the vid.

    • TX_Stig

      My sister's cat has thumbs. 4 of them, actually. Fortunately they are only polydactyl toes and not real thumbs.

    • I've decided my dog would try to take over the world if she had thumbs. And she would open the food container. I catch her over there from time to time sniffing it and looking at it like she's trying to figure out how to open it sans thumbs.

      • Reminds me of the story of Otis the Rottweiler. Otis lived in the house next door when I was in college. One day his owner came home and found him munching on a head of lettuce. "Bad dog Otis!" "Wait a minute, how'd you get that out of the fridge?!" Seems Otis had figured out how to open the fridge. I think the owner might have tried to train him to fetch beers.

  • jeepjeff

    Ah, brute force. Often a ridiculously effective method for attack. Also, a definite failure on the part of the designer. If you aren't checking for brute force attacks in any "security technology" you are asleep at the helm (and an auto-feeding contraption is a security device, it is meant to keep the food from the inmates except at very specific times and in specific amounts).

    My cats have to rely on their humans for this task still. We're pretty good at remembering and they're also surprisingly patient about the whole food thing.

  • Number_Six

    I lost it when wee ginger buddy pretends to walk away, then spins and attacks. Reminds me of this at about 1:12:
    [youtube g_hF_RhD-xE youtube]