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User Input: Community Support

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY-- wait... Free??

I’m sidetracking User Input for some super-important and top-secret site business… that’s posted right here on the main page for everyone to see. This is why I don’t work in espionage. Also because I couldn’t resist playing with the exploding pens.

We’re looking at the possibility of expanding the AtomicToasters Exotic Lifestyle Brand into clothing. Specifically, T-shirts. Well, we’ll consider other options, but we’re still a bit creeped out about some of the other options we initially considered.

Obviously we’ll have a T-shirt with our logo on it… but we’ve had some great quips and comments that we think deserve to be immortalized in fashion. So that’s our question for you: what articles, comments, quotes, pictures, or themes should we mine for ideas to create a series of T-shirts that would be appealing, not only to you, but to a potential outside audience, with the aim of bringing them into the fold and growing the site?

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