Startup: PSA – Your Sysadmin Hates You

Are you the person responsible for keeping computers and/or computing devices running at your workplace? No? Then that guy hates you.

He may smile, he may say hello, he may strike up conversation around the coffee machine, and even act interested in the things you have to say. But make no mistake, you are the enemy. He knows that computers are like an erection: they stay up as long as you don’t screw with them.

His malice and condescension will often be masked with seemingly innocuous and esoteric terminology. He’ll use terms like BIOS, CMOS, SATA, DHCP, PXE, SQL, HyperVisor. These are real things that make it hard to discern when he’s mocking you with things like ID Ten – T, BKS, and PEBKAC. That first one might be easier to spot: ID Ten – T, or ID10T, is you, the user. BKS, or Between Keyboard and Seat, is where the ID10T can be found. Those elements combine to form PEBKAC, Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. 90% of issues with computers are BKS. The other 10% are the Sysadmin’s attitude. If this figure climbs above 20%, you may have a BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell).

Also, please stop saying “Cloud”. Just because terms like “online” and “DotCom” are no longer trendy doesn’t mean calling it “Cloud” suddenly makes it more viable.


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