Airborne Awesomosity


NASA, federally funded behemoth that they are, has been kind enough to share a GRIN–the Great Images In NASA library. It is an extensive collection of images, from the pre-NASA days as NACA, and on. Most are copyright free, with NASA just requesting to be credited.

I wanted to start off this occasional series exploring these image archives on a high note, so today we are going to look at crash photos! Some are intentional, some not so much; some are impressive, some not so much. In all cases no test pilots were harmed killed in the capturing of these images. So put a GRIN on your face and hit the jump!

X-15 Crash at Mud Lake, Nevada

X-1E On Rogers Dry Lake With Collapsed Nose Gear

X-2 with Collapsed Nose Wheel

M2-F2 Crash on Rogers Dry Lake

Impact Landing Dynamics Facility Crash Test

All the images are of course from NASA, and you can click the link to find out more about each photo: X-15, X-1, X-2, M2-F2, and Impact Test.

Here also are some bonus Controlled Impact Demonstration (CID) images from the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in 1984.

  • craigsu

    Makes you wonder what the M2-F2 looked like before the crash.