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F-107 Ultra Super (insert name here) Sabre

File:NAA XF-107A.jpg

North American F-107


North American needed a way to keep their F-100 Super Sabre production lines open so they sucked on the nuclear budget teat deeply with the F-107.


File:North American F-100D Super Sabre USAF.jpg

North American F-100 Super Sabre


With the Cold War well into play and fighter aircraft getting faster North American,the company that brought you the P-51 and B-25 Mitchell,  saw a need for a Mach 2 interceptor. They also saw a need to stretch out the production lines making the F-100 Super Sabre. To accomplish they decided to radically update the F-100 Super Sabre design


File:North American F-107A.jpg

North American F-107


To fulfill a published need for a Mach 2 capable nuclear missile carrying fighter jet they thought outside the box. Now there are several things about this aircraft of note but we will focus on just one with intake up on top. It made for a very unique look to the aircraft.

The intake was placed on top to take it out of the rocket wash from the launch of a nuclear missile. It was an effective solution although I question what would have happened to that arrow like nose in production. With larger radars going into production it would have gotten more bulbous.


File:F-107A in flight.jpg

North American F-107

In the end it lost the competition  to the F-105 Thunderchief and was never put into production. It would not be North American’s swan song but the end was coming close. Before merging with Republic Aviation they would go on to create one of the most magnificant aircraft of the last 60 years with the B-70 Valkyrie.

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12 comments to F-107 Ultra Super (insert name here) Sabre

  • Charles_Barrett

    So crew ejection in the F-107 was downward, right…?

  • highmileage_v1

    Apparently it had a side stick, very F-16-ish. With all that vertical surface on the fuselage ahead of the CG and CP, flight departures (post stall) must have been sporty.

  • Number_Six

    Threadjack alert: I visited the Valle, AZ chapter of Planes of Fame this afternoon and got a tour of General Doug Mc's Constellation. They also have a flying Grumman F3F and Beech Staggerwing, among many other amazing things. Great find in the middle of nowhere! (Canyon Shmanyon!)