Boys’ Life: Winchester Summer

Good Sunday morning to everyone! For those of you subject to the whims of Daylight Savings Time, hopefully the loss of sleep hasn’t hit you too hard. In any case, this cartoon ad for the Winchester Gun Museum from a 1960 issue of Boys’ Life should go a long way towards brightening your day!

For anyone who is considering digging out their old Scout uniform and planning their next vacation, take note that this museum isn’t exactly in the same place anymore. Now part of the Buffalo Bill Historic Center in Cody, Wyoming:

The Cody Firearms Museum houses the most comprehensive assemblage of American firearms in the world. The Winchester Collection, the heart of this museum, was transported from New Haven, Connecticut, to Cody, Wyoming, in 1975. Dedicated in 1991, the Cody Firearms Museum provides an expansive permanent home for the collection.

  • fodder650

    I like how the top image looks like a tatoo. Sadly I know people who might do this as well

  • tonyola

    In 1990, Billy and Wes were traced to their survivalist camp in rural Idaho by the US Secret Service and arrested for conspiring to shoot the President. Wes' dad, obviously heartbroken over the whole affair, claimed he had no knowledge of his son's activities but deep down he knew the moment where Wes' interest in guns began to become unhealthy….

  • Abe

    I wonder how the collection compares to the J.M, Davis collection. That is one HUGE assemblage of weaponry.