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User Input: Not Yet Caffeinated

I did not sleep well last night. I had two kittens who decided that I would make a great landing platform for whatever aerial acrobatics they wanted to try, and some jackass with a rig-rocket decided to idle his diesel engine with no muffler just below my bedroom window at about 4:30 AM.

But that’s okay! Our society has developed a series of technologies to adapt to this dilemma, and to resolve the problem of an absence of sleep. It’s called coffee, and it is the nectar of the gods. The only problem is, because it’s so fantastic, people have developed dozens of ways of preparing it. Lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, long espressos, cafe crema or even just plain old coffee, you can pretty much find a drink the way you’ll like it regardless of your tastes.

So what are your tastes? Personally, I’ll take coffee just about any way you put it in front of me… but I like it sweet. I like to have some sugar in it to cut the bitter aftertastes, but other than that I like coffee in pretty much any form you can come up with. But what do you prefer? Given all the option, how would you normally order your drink?

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