User Input

User Input: Kryptonite

And don't believe that Kryptonite dealer when he says it's not addictive.

In the Superman comics and movies, the named Man Who Was Super was impervious to almost everything you could throw at him. Bullets, explosions, laser beams, FSWFLBATTFH, even beautiful women, nothing could injure or harm him. Nothing, that is, except Kryptonite. It was the one substance, the one weapon that could render him… for lack of a better term… normal.

Everyone has their own private Kryptonite. For myself, it’s bastardization of the English language. The “OMG-Valley-Girl” accent drives me absolutely up the wall, and a demonstrated inability to use full words, sentences and punctuation immediately brings my opinion of that person to a new low. For Techie, meanwhile, his Kryptonite is anything shiny. Jingle some keys in a bright light and you can make him completely forget anything he was doing. Or his own name.

What is your own personal Kryptonite?

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