The Larch


Can’t see the forest for the trees.

Image source modernmechanix.

  • B72

    Those hats remind me of the lousy imitation christmas trees they had in the 70's. Think tinsel tied to pipe cleaners and you get the general idea. If people thought those things looked at all like actual plants, the only one they were fooling was themselves.

  • Deartháir


  • fodder650

    "Hey Bob the girls camp is this way, you're point towards the boys camp"
    "Yes yes Nigel I know"

  • tonyola

    [youtube ifmRgQX82O4 youtube]

  • discontinuuity

    OK, you know the part in MacBeth where the witches' prophesy says that the forest will attack him? And it turns out to be an army with Tree branches in their hats? Well, a young J. R. R. Tolkien once saw a production of MacBeth and was disappointed that it didn't involve actual animated trees. Thus was the inspiration for the Ents.