Rough Winters

Many industries get accused of planned obsolescence, from appliances to automobiles, but nobody does it like NASA. One day you are the bees’ knees, the next just a bit of interplanetary litter.

The ultimate cause of the demise of these spacecraft? ‘Harsh Martian winters.’ Looks like someone should have sprung for that TruCoat.

Now who’s going to clean this mess up?

Images from, and click here for a full list of NASA Martian relics.

  • Ha! It's true. As far as space junk in orbit the Russians were the worst, but we weren't much better.

  • Number_Six

    "Left to die on a remote planet; forgotten by their makers; they're back and they're pissed. This time it's personal – this time nobody calls them…SPACE JUNK…"

    /my new sci-fi masterpiece

    • I believe that one's already called "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."

      Oh, um, right: Spoiler alert!

      • Number_Six

        They didn't start off on Mars! Totally not the same thing!

        • Hell, just don't make it about grey people in grey uniforms on a grey ship watching grey lights blink on and off for FAR TOO LONG and I'll be happy.

  • Perhaps someday some aliens will see our leftovers..

  • highmileage_v1

    Ah, it's just a new U-Pull-It site. Need a lightly used solar array? $20 if you do the wrenching!

  • Alcology

    Somebody from JPL called in to car talk once. "We need help winterizing a vehicle. It's a 400 million dollar kit car." Great episode, but I can't seem to find it on the car talk web site. Trying to get the rover ready for it's first winter.